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Snow Removal Equipment for Trucks and Buses

Patents #5,802,654 and #8,584,295

Scraper Systems patented FleetPlows™ will reduce your liability and operational costs, reduce fines, and get your fleet back on the road quickly and effectively. Hundreds of repeat orders from Fortune 500 companies prove that Scraper Systems is the leader in automated snow removal for trucks and trailers.

Truck & Trailer models clear fleet roofs in less than 60 seconds.

Scraper Systems Snow Removal Equipment for Bus Fleets

Bus & Transit models clear all snow from rounded roofs, while passing safely over hatches and lights.

See the Bus & Transit model in action and hear how Scraper Systems handles all of the snow clearing for Jennnings Transportation.

Automatic Height Control System for Trucks

Truck & Trailer models handle corrugated roofs and lifting eyes on sea containers.

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Scraper Systems snow removal system for trucks and trailers