OneTAP™ Full-Automation

This fully-automated system is engaged by the driver simply tapping a lighted button at the unit's start station.

This decreases the time it takes to clear trucks, eliminates operator error, reduces personnel on site, and ensures that the plow always returns to proper safe height for next driver.

Automatic Height Control System for Trucks

Our OneTAP level of automation enables trailer placement, then machine start and reset with the tap of a button.

OneTAP™ locates the trailer, electronically lowers the plow to the correct position on the trailer, signals the driver to drive forward to clear the snow, and raises the plow to the full-up position for the next truck. The driver continues to destination. Included are a load spring piston assembly, start station, trailer locator LED beam, red and green LED driver signal lights, control panel with digital computer (PLC), and back-up pendant control.

The sequence is as follows:

OneTAP Activation Button

Activation Button: One tap by driver lowers the plow down to the trailer roof; computer controlled system takes it from there.

OneTAP Load Spring Piston

Load Spring Piston: The heart of the system, spring loaded sensors determine lowering and raising of plow assembly by electric chain hoist suspended from it.

OneTAP Traffic Control Lights

Traffic Control Lights: Signals drivers when to enter machine, stop, drive forward, and exit the machine snow-free.

OneTAP Control Panel

Control Panel: Factory-programmed and UL-approved digital computer (PLC) and heater assures reliable cold weather operation.

Benefits of OneTAP Automation

  • Decreases the time it takes to clear trucks
  • Eliminates operator error
  • Reduces personnel required on site
  • Ensures plow always returns to proper safe height for next driver.
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