Installation of Scraper Systems Equipment

The customer is typically responsible for providing 110V/15 amp single phase electric service to the unit. This can be accomplished through hard wiring, a portable generator, or simply using an extension cord.

Scraper Systems delivers, assembles, and installs the machine at your site using one of two methods:

Fully-Portable Models

Scraper Systems Portable Snow Removal EquipmentBecause there are no concrete footers required, our Fully-Portable model installation is simply an assembly and placement project rather than a construction project. Fully-Portable units can be assembled, placed, and tested in less than one day. The main beams with base plates are bolted to the structural steel tubing rollable chassis instead of concrete footers. The weight of the unit itself plus the (2) 2,000 lb. concrete ballasts provide sufficient stability for the biggest of snow storms. An attachable tow bar allows you to move it with a pick-up truck, forklift or other vehicle. The ballasts contain a lifting eye for removal before moving the unit. Each of the (4) dual wheel sets includes a screw jack assembly to lower the wheels for moving the unit and to raise the wheels during operation.

Fixed-Mount Models

Scraper Systems Fixed Mount Snow Removal EquipmentThese units come with heavy steel base plates welded on the main support beams. Concrete footers must be constructed and poured on site prior to the unit installation. To facilitate this process, Scraper Systems includes a kit consisting of footer design drawings, anchor bolts and bolt patterns. The customer can hire a local contractor for the concrete work, or Scraper Systems can provide this service in advance of the installation of the unit. If the customer prefers, Scraper Systems would sub-contract the concrete work to a local contractor of the customer's choice. The concrete footers work can be done in one day. Assembly and installation can typically be completed in less than one day. Contingencies such as rock or debris removal and spoils removal off site may increase time and expense.

Tips for Locating the Unit on Your Site

  1. Allow straight lane for truck travel at least 55 ft. on both entrance and exit of the machine.
  2. Select a fairly level paved or compacted crushed stone area.
  3. Choose a spot where removed snow can be conveniently deposited and where melting snow will not migrate towards the drive-thru area.
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