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A big storm that led to a big idea

In the midst of a harsh winter in 1997, the Pennsylvania branch of a national trucking company faced a big problem. Thirty inches of snow had fallen during the previous day and night, and the Terminal Manager Bill Yeaglin had the responsibility to get a fleet of 200 trucks back on the road.

While Mr. Yeaglin was successful in rounding up enough labor, ladders, and plow equipment to clear the fleet over a non-stop 24 hour period, the incredible effort cemented the idea in his mind that there must be an easier, faster way.

Out of this event the original trailer top Snow Scraper was born.

Bill was granted a patent for his ingenious device and set up manufacturing in a small town in south central Pennsylvania. The popularity of Scraper Systems, Inc. spread quickly throughout the Northeast with satisfied customers such as FedEx, UPS, A. Duie Pyle, Wal-Mart and many others. His unique yet practical design, attention to detail and quality focus all added to the growing reputation of the product.

As more states enacted regulations to control snow and ice blowing off moving trailers, more and more fleet owners realized the safety and cost savings advantages of Scraper Systems. Demand for the product increased dramatically.

Positioning for Future Growth

In November 2011, Lancaster, PA-based Quintin Machinery LLC acquired Scraper Systems, Inc. Quintin Machinery brings over 40 years of machinery manufacturing and product development experience. Our experience coupled with high manufacturing capacity and field installation capabilities greatly increased Scraper Systems ability to meet the growing demand for its trailer top snow plows.

Beyond our manufacturing focus, our commitment to quality, on-time delivery and service after the sale continue to position Scraper Systems as the leader in automated snow removal machinery.

We are thankful for the resources God has entrusted to us, and we pledge to use those resources to benefit our customers to the best of our ability.

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