Benefits of Automation

Reduce your liability and improve your bottom line by installing our automated snow removal system at your facility

Trucks driving on snow-covered highway

In many states, it is a motor vehicle violation to drive with snow on the roofs of truck trailers.

It's simple. Companies lose money when their trucks aren't running due to heavy snowfall. Additionally, an increasing number of states are instituting motor vehicle code legislation that allows drivers and fleet operators to be cited and fined for driving with snow atop trailer roofs — whether or not it is dislodged during transit.

We can’t plow the highways, but we can plow the tops of your trailers! When installed at your shipping yard or distribution facility, Scraper Systems will automate snow removal from truck trailer roofs and box trucks and get your fleet back on the road quickly and safely. Scraper Systems can clear a standard 53 ft. truck trailer in as little as 60 seconds.

The cost justification is clear.

  1. Reduces driver costs associated with extended wait time to begin delivery route
  2. Reduces lost appointments and missed deadlines
  3. Eliminates labor costs to clear trailer roofs manually
  4. Eliminates equipment damage due to improper snow removal
  5. Eliminates fines and tickets due to roadway violations

Additional benefits of an automated snow removal system occur across various aspects of your company.

Fuel Savings

Just 6 in. of snow atop your 53 ft. trailer typically adds 2,500 lbs. This added weight significantly lowers fuel efficiency, and with the high costs of diesel fuel, drains your bottom line.

Safety for your Crew

An automated snow removal system can prevent injuries that result from the hazards of manually removing snow from trailer roofs. This means less work time lost to injury and fewer workers compensation claims.

Liability to Motorists

When snow and ice are dislodged from the roofs of truck trailers traveling at highway speeds, the results on traveling motorists can be severe. Resultant property damage and personal injury claims can send insurance premiums skyrocketing.

Protection of your Company Brand

By eliminating highway incidents caused by improperly clearing snow from your truck fleet, you also eliminate the negative publicity that is often associated with them. The best crisis communications for your company is to prevent snow-related accidents in the first place.

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