Our Unique Advantage

The patented design of Scraper Systems snow removal machines delivers performance advantages not available anywhere else

Scraper Systems has been the premier manufacturer of automated snow removal machinery for trucks since 1998. Our product line has evolved over the years to incorporate advances in engineering and technology, as well as to address changing customer needs. With no hydraulics, no batteries, no convoluted mechanical contraptions — just our smooth-running, time-tested, extreme duty electric chain hoist — you are assured of little or no maintenance and worry-free operation all winter long.

We have improved designs, added features, and released new models only when they address the core design objectives of Scraper Systems:

  1. To manufacture efficient machinery that is 100% effective
  2. To make the automated snow-clearing process simple for the operator
  3. Select parts and materials to withstand intense, extreme operating condition in the harshest winter environments

The Scraper System Advantage makes sure you get simple operation and reliable performance all winter long.

Clears trucks in less than 60 seconds

Clears Trucks and buses in less than 60 sec.

Wide Drive-Thru Opening

Wide 15 ft. Drive-Thru Opening

Patented Deep-V Convex Plow Blade

Deep-V Concave Plow Blade

Accu-Track Guide System

Accu-Track Guide System

Safe for translucent roofs

Safe for Translucent Roofs

Fully Portable Model

Fully Portable Models

Continuous Height Adjustment

Infinitely Adjustable Height

Automatic Height Control System

OneTAP Automation (Optional)

Optional Radio Remote Operation

Radio Remote Operation (Optional)

U.S. Patent Number 5,802,654 and Patents Pending

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Scraper Systems snow removal system for trucks and trailers