Semi-Portable Truck Snow Removal Machine New Scraper Systems Model designed for Buses and Transit Vehicles Fully-Portable Truck Snow Removal Machine

Clears trailer roofs in less than 60 seconds.

Snow Removal Machines for Trucks, Trailers and Buses

Protect your bottom line with patented Rooftop Snow Plows from Scraper Systems.

  • Reduce fleet idle time.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Prevent injuries to employees, OSHA violations & workers compensation claims.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Reduce equipment damage.
  • Eliminate violations & fines to drivers.
  • Reduce risks & liability to motorists.
  • Protect your brand from negative publicity.

Scraper Systems automate the clearing of snow from your truck or bus fleet quickly and safely.

Snow that accumulates on the top of your fleet vehicles is dangerous to your business. Dangerous not only because of the safety risk that it poses to highway motorists that drive behind snow-covered trucks, but dangerous to your bottom line. Large amounts of snowfall in winter can delay your fleet from leaving your facility, jeopardize delivery deadlines, consume employee resources and increase fuel costs.

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The patented design of Scraper Systems will reduce liability and operational costs by automating the process of removing snow from your truck fleet quickly and effectively. It is designed to work with truck trailers, box trucks and sea containers, and is safe to use on translucent roofs. And brush-style models pass safely over bus roof-top hatches and lights, as well as open-top tarped trailers.

Scraper Systems is the premier truck and trailer snow removal system in North America, with many repeat orders from Fortune 500 companies. With four different models (including a fully-portable version), we have a truck or bus snow removal system matched to the specific needs of your operation.

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Scraper Systems snow removal system for trucks and trailers